Modern Mess

MODERN MESS /mädərn mes/: The Modern Mess tests the boundaries of fashion. She dresses according to her mood and uses her style as a second language. She is cool and confident while embracing her imperfections, and is not afraid of taking risks.
Myself with Carley, Owner of Modern Mess + Samson

Myself with Carley, Owner of Modern Mess + Samson

Okay, not to be dramatic, but…

I have been dying to tell you all about Modern Mess since the moment I walked in to the store! I have followed @mymodmess on Instagram for quite some time, and admired the stores edgy + modern aesthetic.

I had been hearing about Carley, the little cutie that owns Modern Mess, and recently had the pleasure of working with her for a photo shoot at Spain Ranch. I could ramble on forever about how I will forever cherish that experience. If you follow The Fencerow on Instagram, you have probably seen a few photos from that day. All of the cute clothes were from Modern Mess!

Carley is a gem. If you are able to stop in the store, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Modern Mess is a great place to find an effortless blend of modern, boho, edgy and classic. They have a great selection (you will seriously love everything), and reasonable price points. I always find something I love when I go in. It is located at one of my favorite Tulsa destinations, the Boxyard. After you have shopped to your hearts content, you can grab a bite to eat, then pop up to the rooftop bar for drinks.

I am really looking forward to sharing more from Modern Mess in the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out their Facebook and Instagram for updates!! If you aren’t local to Tulsa you can shop online here.

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This post is in collaboration with Modern Mess + Spain Ranch. 

Photography Betsy Dutcher