Moisturizing + Relaxing Lavender Sea Salt Bath Soak


What better way to spice up a Fiesta themed bridal shower than with a cute DIY?!

I have teamed up with Linen + Rust, to bring you a simple bath soak that is sure to get your skin summer ready.

In lieu of the traditional Bridal Shower "icebreaker" games, Cortney, of Linen + Rust, in all of her design genius, opted for a fun DIY. We prepped the tables with the ingredients and mason jars, so each guest could create their own adorable party favors. It was a hit! I simply instructed the guests to mix one of each ingredient in their mason jar, and they were off! Everyone was laughing and having a grand ole time! Plus, if you have a shy bride, or guest of honor, on your hands, this is a great way to take the pressure off of having "all eyes on her," while everyone gets to know each other. 

Why we loved doing a DIY over traditional party favors or games: 

INEXPENSIVE, but still classy. It is much more cost effective than buying something fancy, or having to keep up with organizing games (and convincing everyone to participate).

ONE STEP. Combine the ingredients, give the jar a shake. Easy peasy. 

SAFE INGREDIENTS. You know exactly what is going into each jar. No strange chemicals, no dyes, just all natural loveliness.

Why we chose this combo:

LAVENDER, smells amazing, and helps relieve tension. Perfect before the brides big day. 

PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT,contains minerals that help balance your skins pH.

COCONUT MILK POWDER, adds a lovely skin softening and moisturizing benefit.

You could also swap out the lavender, and lavender oil, for dried rose buds and rose hip oil. Rose oil is a natural antibacterial, antioxidant, and also smells lovely. 

What are some of your favorite DIY party favors?

Design: Linen + Rust Event Design | Linens: Party Pro Rents | Terra Cotta, Cactus + Succulents: Southward Landscape & Nursey | Wooden Platter: Harp Design Co. | 

Photos by: Betsy Dutcher