Simple DIY Letter Board

I love all the letter boards popping up on social media. I've wanted one to call my own for quite some time. After a quick google search, I found that most of these coveted little letterboards came with a $75+ price tag. OUCH. So in true Fencerow fashion, knowing there had to be a better way, I set out on a mission to make my own. Turns out, I had all of the needed supplies, except the letter board letters. Score! Hoarding all of those craft supplies has paid off. The good news for you, my friend, you can get all of these supplies for around $20! What's even better, you can customize your board to the perfect size and color! Don't forget to use that handy Hobby Lobby coupon code at checkout! If you have no idea what I'm referring to, ask the cashier, they will


SUPPLIES: Scissors or Rotary Cutter | Glue Gun | .125 inch Dowels (or 1/4" square Dowels) | Deep frame | Felt | Letters | *Succulents, for all the cute pictures


ONE - Cut dowels down to the size of your frame. You can use a ruler if you want to be extra precise. 

Pro Tip: I used round dowels because I already had them. I would advise using 1/4" square dowels, so the letters fit more easily into them. The lips on the letters are short, which can make it difficult to fit around the rounded dowels. But, either way, both options work!

TWO - Cut felt approximately 7/8" - 1" wide x the length of your dowel. 

Pro Tip: I used scissors, but I recommend using this little guy. **I chose grey felt for this letter board, but I also made one with black felt. Go crazy friend, pick a color, any color.

THREE - Hot glue the felt strips around each dowel.

Pro Tip: I placed one line of hot glue down one side of the felt, placed the dowel in the center, and pinched the fabric snuggly around the dowel. See images below. You can also use a spray adhesive. I like this one

FOUR - Place the dowels inside your frame. They should fit snug enough to stay put, but you may also hot glue them down, for good measure. 

I would love to see how your letterboard turns out! Make sure to tag @thefencerow on Instagram or Twitter so I can see your cute creations!


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