TFR Guide to NYE


Can you believe it is almost 2018?! As much as I would like to act like we get all spiffed up and hit the town on New Years Eve, that just isn't the case. So, when it comes to sparkly NYE party wear, I am not your gal. 

// But for all of you with super exciting lives out there! Check out this post from Kelly at Velvet's Edge. She's got you covered in that department. //

Dusty and I have our own little New Years tradition: The Annual Carriger NYE Bonfire. Trust me when I tell you that there is never a dull moment down the fencerow on NYE. This year marks our 5th annual event. In true Carriger fashion, we are here to help you prep for NYE Fencerow style.

To be completely honest, I will most likely end the night on the couch in my PJs, with a few of my closest pals. Each year we say we are going to watch the ball drop, but I think we have missed it every year.  Partially due to losing track of time, but primarily due to not having cable/a dvr.

Ya'll imagine a life where you cannot record + pause + rewind
No internet + no cable = no netflix, no life.
We are pretty much off the grid here. Send help

With Dusty's help, here are the items you would need to survive NYE in Carrigerville:

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In addition to the oh-so-many pickup trucks, BYOC :)

Does the brand really matter? Bundle, ya'll.

Insulated flannels + warm jackets that you can throw on over layers.


More NYE bonfire necessities for the ladies
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What I will be wearing when I get sick of the cold and head inside with my girls
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How will you be spending your New Years Eve?