Gift Guide: For the Hostess

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We are in the thick of the holiday party hosting season, which also means we are all searching for hostess gifts. Today I am sharing a couple of things I try to keep in mind when I am selecting gifts for my favorite hostesses. 

It is easy to grab a bottle of wine and call it good, but I like to add a little personal touch along with the vino. When it comes to selecting a gift for your beloved hostess, try to pick a gift that reflects their personal style, or something they enjoy.

Most of the time your hostess will already have their cheese board for entertaining, so you can pick up a pretty set of cheese knives to give them (or buy them the cute marbled cheese board below, because honestly, can you have too many cute cheese boards?). If they love wine, buy them wine, but wrap it in a pretty hand towel, a cute wine carrier, or pair it with wine glasses, and call it a day. 

Also remember, simply because you are going to a party does not mean you have to get them a gift related to entertaining. Think of your hostess, her home, her style, and what she would truly enjoy. When all else fails, you can also never go wrong with a good candle (I like to buy candles in bulk, and keep them on hand for when I need a gift in a pinch).


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If you are headed to someone's home for a holiday soirée, or a simple homey get-together, let me know if this guide made it easier to find a cute gift for your hostess.