Purchase With Purpose

How we spend our money represents our values, and in many ways, it is our voice. The items we purchase and what we do with our money can reveal who we really are. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way, especially during the holidays. I am a spender, my husband is a saver; thank you, Jesus!

I have been on a personal mission to be more intentional with where I spend my time, and my money. Which makes it even sweeter when fashion and empowerment walk hand in hand. 

During the holiday season, it is easy to be consumed by all of the gifting, and the getting. The "more, more, more" kicks in, and the thought of giving back is fleeting. We simply cannot DO IT ALL, right? Purchase the perfect gift, serve others, give back, bake all the cookies, do all the things. It is a lot. It is too much! Then, I stumbled upon Fair Trade, and all of those to-do's seemed to collide. 

There are gifted artisans all over the world, who are using their talents to create beautiful and extraordinary things. Due to their location, lack of technology, and lack of opportunity, they are unable to rise above poverty. Most women artisans from impoverished cultures are paid unfair wages for their work. By purchasing Fair Trade, we are simply paying the fair price, the price that should be paid. By doing so, we give just opportunity to these highly skilled artists, far beyond charitable gifts. 

Make no mistake, charity is critical. Fair Trade creates a business model for artisans to break the cycle of dependency. This goes far beyond creating jobs and meaningful income for these women, it is a model that provides an opportunity for economic growth and empowerment. 

Praise Jesus for the precious souls that have used their passions to create these opportunities, fulfilling such a huge purpose. 

What better way to connect customers like us, to artisans around the world. This holiday season, I encourage you to step away from the frenzy of gift giving. Take some time and enjoy selecting items to give, with slowness, and purpose. Each item you gift has a story, and that story is also a representation of you. 

Choose to be a light this Christmas, and give with thanksgiving in your heart. My ultimate hope for each of us, is that this Christmas we will set worldly desires aside. We have to be intentional with where we place our focus, where we choose to give, and where we choose to serve. Jesus is the reason for the season, and while we celebrate, my prayer is that he remains at the center. Merry Christmas, friends!

I have listed a few of my favorite Fair Trade organizations, click the images below to check them out.

If you have a favorite, share it below, I cannot wait to check them out!!

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