Glowing Green Smoothie

I don't know if it's my love of nature, or my addiction to green smoothies, but there is something about the color green that makes my heart happy; it's so fresh and alive. During the winter months, as the lush green that surrounds my house starts to fade, I notice an influx of green appear inside my home. Between the Christmas tree, my succulent passion [note, it is a passion, not a problem, folks], or the olive tree I long for. I love being surrounded by green. In a way, it gives me life! This green smoothie is no different, it is giving me life, in the healthiest of ways. 

I first learned of this "Glowing Green Smoothie," after stumbling upon Kimberly Snyder's podcast, and then reading her book: The Beauty Detox Solution. It's her signature smoothie that is packed full of nutrients.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! The ingredients, and directions are listed below!

(Disclaimer: Dusty isn't sold on the GGS quite yet, so I usually whip him up his own "special" green smoothie. All you need to do is throw the following in the blender: 1 Frozen banana, spoonful of peanut butter, 1 cup almond milk, 1-2 handfuls of spinach; he likes to add chocolate protein powder at times, but lets not get too carried away). 

Servings: About three 16oz  servings. So, you have just meal prepped for 3 mornings, go you! I store my extra smoothies in the fridge, in mason jars (I find this to be the best storage option). They will store up to 2 1/2- 3 days.

(Fun trick: I occasionally like to make my smoothie without adding the banana. I store it in the freezer, in these zuko trays, or these trays. When I wake up, I throw two little containers of green smoothie goodness into the blender with a 1/2 frozen banana, and a tiny bit of *warm* distilled water; I will sometimes even toss in another fruit too, depending on the season; because I clearly live life on the edge. Just avoid adding melons. I also like to switch up the fruits and greens; don't be afraid to mix it up!)

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